Why We Teach Arts rather than Subjects

Our approach to education does not teach subjects but rather Arts.  The goal of an Art is to impart abilities.  The goal of a subject is to impart knowledge.  We seek to graduate students who have the ability to learn any subject. This difference in purpose profoundly impacts educational outcomes.  

Contemporary schools are failing. This failure occurs in both traditional and progressive schools.  We have chosen our classical approach to impart fundamental skills of success. These skills are reading, writing, and mathematics. These skills are necessary for us be the creatures God intended us to be. These skills are necessary for life long learning. They are also necessary for our children’s success in the twenty first century.  Both in college and in life.  

The Seven Liberal Arts, develops the verbal and quantitative reasoning skills.  This is classical Christian education.  It does not assume mental skills but develops those skills.  Its’ purpose is for each child. Our students will be better “reasoners,” as a result of this education.  

This development of reason restores our humanity and results to the glory of Christ.  

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